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The Ultimate Laptop Bag Packing Guide

If you’re work in tech like me, you’re often always on the go. With so much to do and places to go, you can find yourself working from coffee shops, airport lounges and even the back of taxi cabs. You do not need to be tied to an office to get things done.

Here is how I carry my office with me…

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How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer: Top 10 Laptop Care Tips from the Pros

Laptops are the new man’s best friends. We all have one, yet I’m not sure that many of us know how to properly care for them. Which is crazy when you think what an investment a good laptop can be these days, and how expensive laptop repairs are becoming. So many laptop issues can be solved by properly caring for the in the first place. Here are ten simple laptop care tips and tricks that should keep your tech up and running for longer!

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Laptop Travel Security: How to travel safely with your device

Going on a business trip or holiday with your laptop in tow can feel a bit daunting. With airport security, foreign electricity outlets and constant threat of theft: no wonder you’re feeling on edge. After years of travelling with our devices to (exotic) places such as Finland and South Africa, we’ve acquired plenty of practical information on laptop travel security. Follow our advice below to travel safely with your laptop.

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Lets Look at Some Luggage Options

Laptops have become an essential part of our daily lives and most of us use them throughout the day for work and pleasure.  Going to and from locations carrying our laptops can be a burden for most of us because we haven’t got the right bag.  It is very rare these days to be given a bag with your laptop when you purchase it, plus not many of us want to carry around a bag with the brand logo of our chosen laptop on it.  However, in 2016 the selection of bags designed to keep our laptops safe are becoming increasingly varied. 

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