Best Camera Backpack Reviews

We know that your camera and your laptop are two of your most precious assets; you need a bag that can protect both when you’re on the hunt for the perfect image. We’ve reviewed the camera backpack best-sellers and hand-picked a few great camera ones to share with you. These bag we’ve selected are custom-made for photographers in mind, so you can rest assured your equipment will be in safe hands.

What makes a good camera backpack?

Before we go into the specific bags, we’ve picked out some key camera bag features you will need to look out for. Consider the following before making any purchase:

  • Durability: is the material and design going to protect your equipment for long?
  • Look for quality materials & warranties.
  • Security: what are the bag’s security features?
  • Look for hidden pockets and anti-theft features.
  • Protection: is there extra padding to shield delicate parts?
  • Look for padded compartments and pockets for cameras and laptops.
  • Comfort: is the bag ergonomic?
  • Look for properly designed straps and airflow systems.

Most Versatile: Evecase DSLR Camera Backpack with Laptop Compartment

This vibrant camera rucksack works hard for you as it seamlessly transitions from ‘regular’ bag to bespoke camera backpack with a removable middle compartment. With handy photographer features like a padded camera compartment and a foldable tripod holder, this bag is a brilliant made-to-measure solution.

For those who want one bag that meets all their needs.

Key Features: Versatile design = flexible usage, Removable padded camera compartment and divider, Durable material & rain cover for unexpected showers.

What we liked: Focus on user-friendly design means this bag easily transitions from project to project, Compact design and bright colour make this backpack easy on the eyes.


Most Innovative: Case Logic Camera Bag 

This quality camera and laptop backpack is for those who appreciate new and innovative solutions. Its patented suspension system means your camera is cushioned from impact, even when you are running around.

This little number is full of clever design touches and will be appreciated by seasoned photographers.

Key Features: Camera is suspended by a hammock system, giving enhanced impact protection, EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) base holds its shape and is waterproof, Foam laptop sleeve,

What we liked: Innovative solutions provide intelligent security, Comfortable to carry.


Best Budget Buy: AmazonBasics Laptop Bag

This bag is a great starter photographer’s backpack. This bag is more than just cheap and cheerful option and a savvy shopper’s friend, it’s actually an incredibly practical bag! With compartments galore, this is a great one for those like to pack everything away neatly after a long day of shooting.

 Key Features: 1-year warranty, 17-inch laptop capacity, Customisable interior with many compartments.

What we liked: Competitive pricing means this is good value for money, Organised interior keeps all your kit in order.


Coolest Kattee Canvas DSLR Camera Bag

This gorgeously rugged number is a bag for those who see themselves snapping photos of dolphins by the glittering blue sea, or hunting for rare birds in a rainforest. A classic adventurer’s canvas backpack, you can only look cool with this in tow (and it’s not too bad inside either).

A timeless classic for discerning photographers.

Key Features: Two interlocking bag compartments: can be customised to suit your needs, Rain cover for those surprise showers, Quality cowhide and metal features make it an extra-durable canvas bag

What we liked: Evocative of early days of adventure photography, Universal appeal & great as a fashion statement too.


Best for Travel: Manfrotto Bags Pro Bag

This laptop backpack really packs it in, providing a compact and secure environment for your laptop, camera and accessories. Tough materials and padding mean you can rely on this bag when you need it the most.

Great for photographers who travel as it also fits the standard carryon requirements.

Key Features: 15-inch laptop capacity, CPS- Camera Protection System for added security, Durable nylon fabric and exo-tough materials.

What we liked: Its travel-friendly design, A tough & durable backpack that still manages to look sleek.


A mixture of quality design, durable materials and bespoke storage solutions make these camera laptop backpacks some of the best on the market. Share your own views of these and any other camera laptop backpacks in the comments below.

Best for Nature Photographers: BRINCH Backpack

This laptop backpack is great because it’s very roomy, but also looks stylish (and it comes in loads of lovely earthy colours). A real quality solution for a photographer who is serious about getting up close and personal when shooting.

Its muted earthy tones make it great for nature photographers who want to blend in when shooting in the wild.

Key Features: 17-inch laptops fit this bag, Comfortable strap design which supports your back, Secure front pocket to keep your valuables safe, Rugged nylon design is durable & anti-scratch.

Recommended for photographers because: It’s big enough for all your kit, Secure & comfortable even when in motion.

Best for City Slickers: Peacechaos Messenger Bag

This laptop bag has a great retro vibe which is very on-trend, yet also classic. Messenger bags have been everywhere recently, but this model is made of thick canvas and has a cotton insert to protect your D/SLR camera. This bag is a subtle camera bag solution, and will blend in on those urban, city shoots.

Key Features: Soft inner material which absorbs shock and vibration and protects from dust and scratches, Pure cotton canvas means it has a soft texture.

Recommended for photographers because: It’s a popular and classic bag that will help you look on-trend, Its small, compact design is perfect for urban shooting.

Best for All-Rounders: AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack

This bag is a great basic photographer’s laptop backpack. With its functional design and practical inner compartments, you won’t ever have to hunt around for your accessories. Shooting will take up less of your time when you know you can find everything and pack it away again in a matter of minutes.

Key Features: Inner compartments to keep you organised, 1-year warranty, Generous 17-inch laptop capacity, Customisable padded interior.

Recommended for photographers because: It’s so user friendly, It will brighten up your day with its vibrant orange interior.

Best for Travel Photographers:  Evecase Canvas Travel Camera Backpack

This is a brilliant travel laptop backpack that even comes with an additional rain cover for when you want to get those wet beach shots.

A versatile laptop backpack that comes with loads of cool features, this one won’t let you down even during your most challenging travel moments.

Key Features: Inner compartments you can customise to fit & protect your camera and lenses, Holds a 14-inch laptop in a zipper compartment, Rain cover, Fold-away side pouches for easy access.

Recommended for photographers because: It includes pockets and compartments for all your accessories, Secure when you travel because it’s not obviously for cameras.

Best for Rough Roaders: Pelican Products ProGear Elite Backpack

This laptop backpack is great for people who want an extra-secure laptop backpack. With its hard shell, it is both watertight and provides vital extra protection for your valuables. It’s also designed for your comfort with its ergonomic design and quick access via the top. This bag is for those who simply want more from their laptop backpack.

Key Features: Watertight and crushproof case, Rigid front plate for extra protection, Stylish metallic design.

Recommended for photographers because: It’s great for when you are being jostled about in transit, No chance of your valuables getting ruined with this one.

Best for Security-Conscious Photographers: Pacsafe Camsafe Laptop Backpack

This one is designed for those who value security and real expert backpack design. There are loads of hidden anti-theft features that make this one of the securest bags we’ve seen on the market. There’s no way you will be victim of camera crime when you are armed with this one!

Key Features: 15-inch laptop capacity, eXomesh Slashguard steel wire mesh for added security, RFIDsafemMaterial built into pocket to help protect cards from hacker scanning, Carrysafe Slashguard Strap helps prevent cut-and-run theft, Smart zipper security attaches pullers to discreet hooks.

Recommended for photographers because: It’s incredibly robust and secure, Worth the price for all its brilliant extra features.

Budgets Bags for Beginner Photographers

When it comes to choosing the best camera backpack there is no doubt that there are quite a few options available. In this article we will have a look at five such backpacks. We will try and present some structured reviews which will also talk about the various features and other such interesting piece of information.

Koolertron Perfect Vintage Retro Genuine Leather Multi-Pockets DSLR Camera Bag

Coming from the house Koolerton there is hardly any doubt that this could be counted as one of the best camera bags that is available in the market. It is feature rich and according to many customers it offers good value for money, for the price at which it is available.. Hence it would be interesting to have a closer look at its features, pros and cons and then draw a conclusion.

Backpack Features: Made from genuine cow leather and is well known for its high quality., Comes with pockets for one laptop or tablet, Also has a removable camera caddy which is from padded soft material, It is well and truly a multi functional bag and can also be used as a camera laptop.

What we liked about this bag – Those who are looking for a perfect multi use bag have reasons to choose this one. It can be converted into a shoulder bag and also be used as a hand bag, business bag and also as a travel bag. The finish is superb and comes with an ergonomic shape and look. The bag will look very new and fresh even when used for a long period of time.

What we disliked about this bag – The insides of the bag according to some customers are not of the best quality and tend to tear off after a period of time., There are quite a few reviews which talk about the stitches coming off.

Evecase DSLR Large Canvas Camera and Laptop Case Messenger Bag w/Rain Cover – Black

Evecase for all we know is a well known and highly respected name for those who are on the lookout for the right camera laptop bag. This particular brand has quite a few interesting features which are worth looking at. It has quite a few attractive deals when the right online site is selected.

Backpack Features: It is quite well designed and combines the best of looks with performances., It is also quite adequately sizes with a dimension of 15 inch length, 5.5 inch depth and 13 inch height. It is suitable both for formal and causal use and is quite sturdy. It comes with a laptop pocket which is also suitable for keeping tablet. It also has mobile phone holder along with back pocket that is zipped. It also features a front open pocket and pockets in the interior (two in number)

Takeaways From This Model: Talking about the main advantages, the best takeaway perhaps is the good looks and appearances it comes with. The outer layer is made from high quality leather which stays new for a long period of time. It is compatible with almost all major brands of Nikon cameras and therefore is very versatile

Disadvantages: A 17 inch laptop which is becoming very common these days may not fit in. The bottom snaps (tripods) perhaps need a bit of strengthening especially when the laptop camera bag is full to its brim.

AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Bag – Orange interior

This is a laptop camera backpack that without any doubt has quite a few things to offer to its customers. Here are a few specifications that are worth mentioning as far as this product is concerned:

A highly attractive looking camera bag with laptop compartment there is hardly any doubt serves the purpose more than one could aspire for. It can hold and protect 2 cameras (SLR). Also can hold 3 to 4 lenses, It can also easily hold 17 inch laptop along with other accessories. Has an external dimension of 13.4 inch x 8.8 inch and 17.7 inch – length, width and height.

Advantages: It comes in a very secure package and has been certified as being Frustration Free. The outer and inner colors are very attractive. The inner orange color perfectly matches with the outer brown color. It has some easy to customize features which makes it stand out. The shoulder straps are wide and adjustable providing comfort while on the move.


Professional Gear Backpack for Digital SLR Nikon Cameras , Laptops and Accessories by USA Gear

This product is from Accessory Genie who have a good track record for coming out with the best camera and laptop messenger bag solutions. In keeping with their rich traditions this particular brand is considered to be very useful and offers good value for money. Here are some interesting features about this model

It is suitable for carrying a laptop and accessories.

Further it can also hold almost all major brands of Nikon laptops thereby making it very versatile and unique.

Other versatile features include accessory pockets (8 in number). Tripod holder, rain cover, foot and strap holder, slot for luggage handling and much more.

Pros Worth Mentioning: It comes with a wonderful and highly effective rain cover which makes is totally water proof. The biggest takeaway is that it has some of the widest accessory pockets making it possible to carry almost anything related to laptops, cameras, mobile phones and the like.

Disadvantages: Any bag back that comes with side compartments has its own share of problem and this bag is also no exception. The strap dangles almost at the stomach which looks quite odd.

Sumdex DSLR Camera/Notebook Backpack Review

This is a product that comes from the stables of Sumdex and therefore it evinces quite a bit of interest. It delivers on its promise because of the various features that it comes packed with. Let us look at a few of them over the next few lines.

Specifications & Features: It is made from high quality fabric where the high quality Nylon is also used. It comes with decent specifications and measures around 445 millimeters high and 292 millimeters wide. Very stylishly designed, this bag pack is suitable for most SLR cameras. It also can accommodate MAC notebook or PC. Comes with a side big for easy access of camera.

Pros Worth Mentioning: The biggest advantage is that even the small details have been taken care of. It comes with a cute holder for water bottle or even a can of soda. The quality is superb and so is the overall appearance and ergonomics. Though it is small to look, it has ample room for adjustment.

Disadvantages: The only big disadvantage is that it can accommodate only a 13 inch Mac system and anything big will be not suitable.

Going out on an image hunt without the right equipment is a nightmare. Thinking of fitting the camera, batteries and laptop in one bag might bring you out in a bit of a sweat… But fear not, we’ve scoured the shelves for these spacious and purpose-built bags, so you can concentrate on the important stuff like taking pictures.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas for when you head out and buy your next laptop and camera backpack! Tell us about your favourite place in the world to take photos in the comments below.