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Laptops have become an essential part of our daily lives and most of us use them throughout the day for work and pleasure.  Going to and from locations carrying our laptops can be a burden for most of us because we haven’t got the right bag.  It is very rare these days to be given a bag with your laptop when you purchase it, plus not many of us want to carry around a bag with the brand logo of our chosen laptop on it.  However, in 2016 the selection of bags designed to keep our laptops safe are becoming increasingly varied. 

 Here is a selection of bags for work and travel for you to choose from.


 Many of us rely on our laptops for work, whether you are a freelancer going to your favourite coffee shop or a businessman on the way to the office, having the right back is vital.  The benefits of a good bag are endless, but the biggest one we find is safety.  Having a bag that will protect your laptop from bumps and bruises is crucial, especially for those of us commuting in a busy city.  To overcome these obstacles is three options;

  1. The Backpack. A backpack may seem very 90’s to some of us, but you cannot get away from the practicality of them.  The developments in backpacks have come a long way from the high school multicoloured ones we used to see.  Now you can find smart and sophisticated backpacks that not only look good, but will protect your laptop from most daily problems.


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Here is the stylish Knomo Beauchamp Backpack that can be obtained from John Lewis for £129.00.  This slim backpack has a shockproof laptop compartment and is ergonomically designed for comfy carrying.

  1. The Briefcase. Briefcases are not just for bankers and accountants these days, now you can find trendy briefcases that will keep you looking fashionable whilst protecting your laptop from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.  They are great for busy men and women moving from meeting to meeting and office to office.

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Here is a Simon Carter Lewes Leather Laptop Bag for £150.00 from Selfridges.  This sleek briefcase is 100% leather with an internal padded laptop case.

  1. The Handbag. For a more feminine touch a laptop handbag is exactly what you need.  Taking the style from traditional handbags, laptop handbags will keep you looking stylish and classy whilst protecting your laptop.  Keeping your laptop safe is your number one priority, but looking good doing it is a close second.


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This is a KNOMO Vigo Slim Leather Tote Bag that you can acquire from Charles Ford London for £249.00.  This bag is versatile and stylish for every modern woman, perfect for travelling to and from work.



When we go away travelling most of us feel lost without our laptops, but are worried about taking them with us because of the fear of the knocks it may take along the way.  However, there are various suitcases and holdalls now available that are designed to protect your laptop and lower the risks of any bumps that may occur.  Here are two options that you may consider:

  1. The Suitcase. Probably the go to item for most of us when we go away, but the majority of us won’t trust putting our laptops in one.  But technology has come a long way from the flimsy suitcases that used to be on the market.  You can now get your hands on specially designed suitcases that are made to protect your laptop and tech goods from the knocks and bangs of travel.

This Falcon 20” Wheeled Laptop Cabin Case can be yours for only £85.99 from Staples.  Which you can get even cheaper by using a Staples voucher code from My Favourite Voucher Codes.  This suitcase has a large main laptop compartment and is perfect for frequent travellers.

  1. The Shoulder Bag. Perfect for light travel, a shoulder bag is what you need if you are still wary about putting your laptop in your suitcase.  Just throw the strap over your shoulder and be on your way.  Easy and comfortable, a laptop shoulder bag will put your mind at ease throughout your travels.


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This is STM Velo 2 Shoulder Bag that can be yours for just £65.00 from Amazon.  Designed uniquely to protect your laptop, this bag has had great reviews all round.

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