Best Oakley Laptop Backpack Review

Even though Oakley is widely known to be associated to be a brand about popular sunglasses, little did people know that this brand also manufactures shoes, watches and other apparels.

Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack Review

Oakley Kitchen Sink

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The chest and shoulder straps are big features which need great improvement on this backpack. For a bag of this size which is obviously over-engineered–even by its appearance alone, its shoulder and chest straps must be wider and all the hardware must be double-stitched.

The current chest strap design has its flaws, as it can pop off its retainer and could be deemed futile even in extremely light conditions.

This Backpack has lots of features:

1. Its side compartments. At either side of the backpack, there are a couple of side compartments–small pockets which could be accessible by way of its powerful zipper.

2. Shoulder Straps and Waistband/ Back of Pack. Its back of pack comprises of high density kind of foam material that grooves in order to enable enough flow of air to keep the back of the user still well-ventilated.

Its shoulder straps are really comfy with a mesh like material which protects one’s shoulders as well as variable shoulder adjustable straps which makes it very ideal for bigger and smaller individuals.

3. Front Admin Pocket. Its front of the pack, is kept well secured below its molding hood contains a sizable pocket, the admin organizer. There is still enough room for notebooks and a few ballpens. The bigger square pockets could even hold a standard smartphone, and it contains elasticated retention straps.

4. It has fleece lined eyewear molding pocket. The mold has some type of semi hard material. It is not really hard as plastic, but it would take a really hard hit or knock before it can compress. At the apex of this molding is a concealed rubber closed port that is still waterproof, yet still adjustable enough to let a headphone cable to pass through, if the user wishes to place his smartphone or even MP3 player into its molding.

5. Internal Main Compartment. This bag’s main compartment boasts of a huge one. In order to access within, you should first unclip the metal tie downs to its molded top, and then you can open the metal zipper of the main compartment–and thus, only then you could have full access. It will make you feel more secured than just being zipped up. If someone is trying to open your pack, you’d easily feel it or hear something.


I paid around 120 British pounds and frankly speaking, with its top quality, i find it reasonably priced for a designer Oakley backpack that needs to be imported from the States. But over the years, I noticed a significant increase on its price. But then again, with this high quality merchandise, the investment is worth it and the price you have to pay becomes irrelevant because you know that what you purchase is something that will last for a long time.

What Customers Say:

“Before this backpack, I had only known Oakley for their sunglasses. Now I know they have a pretty diversified product line to shop from.

One point I need to make is that this pack is not cheap. I would definitely shop around before pulling the trigger on the purchase for this pack. I realize that a large part of the cost is probably the Oakley name, but the quality is there. It is just that I go back and forth on whether the quality is equal to the price. If I had to make a quick decision, I would say it is worth the cost if you are looking for a good combination of cost and looks.

Bottom line: This is the nicest looking backpack I own and the quality of the material and construction will keep you happy. As a potential purchaser you have to make the ultimate decision as to the cost of the backpack and is it worth it to you. After using the backpack for a while I have to admit that any buyer’s remorse I had thanks to the price has faded over time. So if you want a stylish backpack that will hold your laptop and gear in a sturdy backpack, then the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack is a great choice. And I’ve gone this whole review without criticizing the name. You are not going to fit the kitchen sink in this thing. If you do, let me know how you did it.”

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