Best SwissGear Laptop Backpack Reviews

The Swiss Gear backpacks are well known to be some of the best and durable brands of bags there is. With too many choices which are made for carrying all of your business and travel necessities, the Swiss Gear make an excellent choice for your backpack. Here are some of the best yet reasonably priced Swiss Gear Backpacks available in the market.

SwissGear Computer Backpack

In Black. It fits most 15.6 – inch Laptops.

Even though it will not fit notebooks larger than 15 inches, the SwissGear’s basic black computer backpack is actually very functional similar to its bigger-sized contemporaries. In fact, it fairs better than the SA1908 in terms of its storage capacities but it is less bulky than the 1900. Aside from the fact that it is being able to fit those smaller sized notebooks, it actually includes a mobile phone pocket and a sunglasses holder. It has durable material, has Padded Shoulder, Back Strap System and Quality Zippers to come up with this exceptional Top Pick Swiss Gear Backpack.

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack

The ScanSmart 1900 is in fact one of the brand’s bigger business backpacks. Your 17-inch laptop fits well into its ScanSmart design, thus making it incredibly visible as well as accessible when it comes to airport security checkpoints. It includes several organizer compartments in which you could place your gadgets as well as your other travel documents, a water bottle pocket, audio interface and an iPad storage. This model’s cushioned shoulder straps are styled in such a way that the user will be able to balance durability with comfort. The sizable main compartment also enable you to carry around some personal belongings and office items. And if you are the type who does not mind having a bag that’s both bulky and big, then this model is perhaps one of your top choices to consider.


SwissGear SA 1908 ScanSmart Backpack

In Black color. Fits most 17 inch laptops.

Can be similar to the 1900, this also has ScanSmart feature that enables you to pass through the airport check ups with ease. The bag could actually be unfolded into a flat position, presenting the laptop as well as its other contents. It could fit most of the typical 17 inch laptops. Just the same with the 1900, it contains an Airflow system and comfy shoulder pads with cushion in order to keep your posture still in proper form and your back cool. But if you want to move around fast and you carry too much, then maybe you can try a different model, since the SA1908 is known to have only a few pockets as compared to those other backpack models. This is in fact another piece of fine workmanship coming from Swiss Gear which is considered to be a highly rated product.


SwissGear Blue Ibex 17 inch Computer Backpack

The Ibex is in fact a very popular model for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it contains 3 big compartments and not only that–it has plenty of pockets wherein you could stash your gadgets and some of your office supplies. What’s more, it even       includes a Quick Pocket so that you could keep your music player, and one top pocket to store tiny items right away. It includes Airflow back padding as well as cushioned shoulder straps. Even though this model is supposed to fit those 17 inches laptops, quite a few customers find it a challenge to fit in their bigger notebooks. But generally speaking, the Ibex still continues to impress buyers in terms of workhorse backpacks.


SwissGear 15.6 inch Granite Backpack

For Notebook.

It features a useful stabilizer platform which allows the backpack to stay still and upright. This model could also be used as a business bag, a school bag, and most of all, it can be used as a day pack for those quick trips. You could store a 15.6 inch notebook in its laptop sleeve as well as other school, travel and business essentials within its major compartment. It also includes  an external water bottle pocket, plus a front pocket organizer in order to keep tiny stuff that are necessary. As in all backpacks with this brand, it also contains comfy and shock absorbing shoulder straps. This model is your heavy-duty backpack which is especially made for gentlemen that has several pursuits in life.