How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer: Top 10 Laptop Care Tips from the Pros

Laptops are the new man’s best friends. We all have one, yet I’m not sure that many of us know how to properly care for them. Which is crazy when you think what an investment a good laptop can be these days, and how expensive laptop repairs are becoming. So many laptop issues can be solved by properly caring for the in the first place. Here are ten simple laptop care tips and tricks that should keep your tech up and running for longer!

Get a good laptop bag

A lot of laptop damage and wear and tear comes from inadequate and poorly designed laptop bags, as people drag their machine around in little more than a light canvas bag! Here are some guidelines for selecting a laptop bag that will dramatically increase the lifetime of your laptop when you take it on tour:

  • Think laptop backpack– often more secure than a sleeve or a messenger bag, a backpack is a safe option. Get one with internal padded compartments that close with a zip and have straps to hold your laptop down.
  • Think durable and waterproof material– neoprene is waterproof but needs to be reinforced for heavy use, canvas is to be avoided on account of its flimsiness and inadequate protection from water. Go for bags with plastic and metal reinforcements on the bottom.
  • Think padding and ergonomics– only get a bag with a padded lining as laptops don’t recover easily from being knocked about. The bag needs to be good at shock absorption, and get one with padded and adjustable straps for your comfort too.

Let the battery empty itself

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t always keep your laptop fully charged. Let your laptop’s battery de-charge itself regularly to keep the hardware working as designed. Just unplug and let the battery deplete itself before plugging back in.

Pro-tip: The first time you use your laptop you should always fully charge it.

Don’t use your laptop on soft surfaces

Laptops tend to dangerously overheat unless they are on a flat surface that allows their internal cooling systems and fans to work. So repeatedly using your laptop in your bed or on other soft surfaces is damaging. Yes, it can be super tempting to get into bed with your laptop and watch Netflix every night, but you are actually doing irreparable damage to your laptop’s internal hardware…

Avoid dust and spillages near your laptop

Dust is a huge issue for laptops because it gets sucked into their delicate hardware and can easily build up and cause damage. It’s also really bad for laptop trackpads.

Keep your laptop away from dust and don’t keep it near animals or places where you are likely to spill food and drink. A careless spillage could end up costing you a fortune so stick to this laptop care rule.

Protect the delicate laptop screen

Protect the delicate monitor by not pointing at it with greasy and dirty fingers. Even clean fingertips carry harmful oil, so keep your distance. Use a screen wipe on a regular basis to get rid of any harmful build-up.

Pro-tip: You’ll need to get wipes that are compatible with laptop screens- never use water and soap (we have seen people try, and it’s not pretty).

Protect yourself from cyber threats & back up your laptop

It’s not just hardware and physical stuff that can go wrong- viruses and malware is a big source of laptop woes. Use a reputable anti-virus software that is frequently updated. Make sure that all your other software is also updated regularly, as the latest version will always be the most secure one. Don’t let poor software updating compromise your laptop security: opt for automatic updates.

Prop-tip: Back up your whole computer on an external hard-drive on a regular basis. It’s not hard to do and external hard-drives are cheaper than you think!

Manoeuvre your laptop carefully

Manoeuvre your laptop carefully to avoid shock and hinge damage. Never pick up your laptop by the screen when it’s open as this will damage the hinges, eventually pulling the whole thing apart.

Avoid temperature change & humidity

Laptops are not meant to be taken out into the sun or stored in damp and cold places. In fact, humidity is a number one laptop killer. Make sure you keep your laptop somewhere sensible- it’s an expensive and delicate piece of technology and should be treated as such. A dry, well-ventilated office space is ideal.

Don’t store things on top of your laptop

Sounds obvious but in a messy room, this is easily done. Despite its lovely flat surface, a laptop is not meant to be used as any sort of table or receptacle for other items. The downwards pressure is not good for it and will put undue pressure on its hinges.

Don’t damage your laptop ports

Again, this one might seem obvious but a lot of damage is caused by people trying to fit in the wrong size of cables into their laptop ports. Once a port becomes unusable it can be a really tricky and expensive job to fix it again. We see people getting rid of laptops because of something like this all the time. Make sure you know what tech goes in where and don’t let other people use your laptop without briefing them first.

Did you know all these laptop care tips already? Have you got any pro-tips  to share?

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