Osprey Comet Laptop Backpack Review

Having the right bag for work is absolutely essential, especially if you’re going to be carting a laptop to and from the office every day. Backpacks might be considered a fashion faux pas by some but they’re better for carrying heavy loads and they don’t have to be ugly. The Osprey Laptop Backpack is a sleek, classy backpack you won’t feel embarrassed to take to work.

Osprey Comet Laptop Backpack

About Osprey

Osprey Packs was founded in 1974 when Mike Pfotenhauer began designing custom backpacks for mountaineers heading to the Sierra. Since then the company’s built an incredible reputation based on their custom fit backpacks.

Today almost 90% of Osprey Packs come in several different sizes suitable for different torso lengths. They are one of the most popular brands for hiking backpacks and in recent years they’ve been expanding to include lines of smaller bags meant for the daily commute.

Osprey backs up all of their products with a full lifetime warranty, one of the best in the industry—especially when it comes to small bags.

About the Backpack

This backpack is a nice medium size at 1500 cu. in, large enough to comfortably fit a full sized 15″ laptop, a couple of books and your various daily essentials. There is a specially padded laptop sleeve that will comfortably hold your computer and keep it from getting jostled around too much while you’re out.

The Osprey Laptop Backpack also has a few organizational pockets and three pen holder slots. Other backpacks designed for laptops typically have more organizational pockets which means small items can become quite difficult to find when you have the bag filled up.

Ergonomic shoulder straps make it possible to comfortably take this backpack on long journeys as well as short ones. The back panel has specially ribbed cushioning that keeps your back comfortable even when the bag is loaded down with books. This cushioning also allows for somewhat improved air flow, a big bonus on a hot day or a long journey.

One thing that sets the Osprey apart from other backpacks designed for laptops and frankly most mid-sized backpacks is that it actually includes a waist belt. This can help redistribute the weight of your backpack away from your shoulders. A waist belt drastically reduces the amount of weight on your shoulders which can save you from all kinds of aches and pains and make long journeys much more comfortable.

Of course, the bag also features the unique, modern style of all Osprey packs and it comes in pepper, khaki and black. This makes it the perfect combination of style and function.


  • Padded laptop sleeve for up to 15.4″ laptop
  • Drawcord top for weather protection
  • Reflective materials for safety
  • Headphone cord keepers
  • Flap cover where you can stash jackets, etc.
  • Ribbed shoulder straps and back padding
  • Multiple strap colours

The Osprey laptop backpack will be available in early 2016 so make sure you check the website regularly if you’re in the market for a new backpack.

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